Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, My Friends

Let's take a break from our own and the world's problems for a day. Let's celebrate Christ's love this day and forget our worries and troubles for just a little while. They will all still be here tomorrow and the next day, but we won't let them spoil our joy on this Christmas Day.

We should gather with our family and friends as we can. Share some good food and a few laughs. Make some new memories with our loved ones. Sing some Christmas carols. We used to learn the Christmas carols in school but I'm sure that's not the case today. So if we don't sing them at home, how will our children ever learn them?

Whatever our present circumstance might be, may the joy of Christmas fill our hearts. Parents delight to see joy on their children's faces. We are all God's children and He delights to see His children joyful too.

This Christmas Day, may God help us to look past the worries and disappointments and troubles. May we look around and find all the blessings in our lives. Prepping is a testament of faith. If we did not believe there will be a tomorrow, we would not be preparing for it. So keep the faith, my friends. May God be pleased with what He sees in our hearts.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and YeOldFurt.

    Hugs~Felinae, Catman & B's

  2. Just found your blog...I am on a farmstead in Northern california and I blog on preparedness and my farmstead Would love to exchange links... check it out.

    Survival Chic

  3. Welcome to my blog, Chic. I just perused yours and I like it! Haven't figured out how to 'follow' it yet, but I will. Or I'll just check back regularly so I don't miss anything. I recognize a couple of names on your reading list ...Mayberry's 'Keep It Simple' and Mike's 'Staying Alive. Small world, huh?

  4. All right, Chic ...I added you to my blog roll so I will know when you have a new post!

    You should check out SciFiChick ('Bacon and Eggs') and Felinae's ('Tales from the Scratching Post) blogs also. Lots of good prepping information. You will find them on my blog roll in the right-hand column.

    BTW, I especially liked your post entitled 'Cut the Hysteria.' I'm with you on that 100 percent!