Sunday, May 22, 2011

Road Weary

I've been lagging worse than usual about posting lately.  But it's been a little rough the past couple of weeks, emotionally and physically.  I drove over 500 extra miles so far this month.  I took a day off work to attend a funeral out of town which accounted for 320 miles roundtrip.  Ten days later, I drove 240 miles roundtrip to attend a wedding out of town.  You could say there have been some real ups and some real downs this month.  But the road trips along with my regular 80 mile round-trip commute to work have rendered me and my little car a bit road weary. 

The funeral was for the son of a friend of mine.  I didn't know him well, but he was my son-in-law's uncle and I am good friends with his mother I wanted to pay my respects.  I only met him once about a year ago, but he was one of those people that puts everyone at ease.  He was quiet and unassuming but his smile was warm and genuine and when he laughed, you couldn't help but laugh with him.   He was a good man and, judging from the crowd of people at his memorial service, he will be sorely missed.

The wedding was for my nephew who has sometimes taken the scenic route through life and who is personally responsible for many of the gray hairs on his mother's head ...and mine!  When you have known someone all their life, literally from birth, it's hard to notice sometimes when you stop seeing them as a child and, for the first time, see them as grown.  When my nephew and his beautiful bride exchanged their vows this afternoon, I realized what a fine man he had grown to be.   She brings three children to the marriage and my nephew brings one, but if you could see these six people together would never know they were a blended family.  It was a beautiful ceremony. 

I had a surprise visit from one of my nieces this afternoon and we had a little drama involving a snake, a pistol and some popcorn which I fully intended to post about ...but I'm too tired tonight.  I'll start a draft so I don't forget and fill you in on the details in a day or two.  Just suffice to say that, after today, my niece probably sees me in a little different light.  LOL 


  1. We will be in the same boat in July. The oldest is doing her first A&M trip and we have to go and take the tour as well. With the gas prices and the cost of food, this little three day event will end up costing a small fortune.

  2. Glad to see your post, we too have been struggling with posting. I miss it and again sometimes I don't, you probably know what I mean*sigh*

    Sorry to hear your friend lost her son, it's never easy and your nephew's wedding story gives me hope( for our son) and yes he's given me each and everyone of my gray hairs, LOL!!!!

    I don't know about all the travelign, we simply don't have the time energy or $$ to travel much. Please don't take this wrong though, it's of our own choosing, we'd rather stay home*wink*

    We've had our ups and downs with family situations( my folks) and as of late it's been a real stress, so I'm just tired when the day comes to an end and don't really feel like sharing all of our family woes and not much else to blog about right now.

    Glad to see you back and glad your trips went well. Take care

  3. @Redneck... by the time your daughter hits her second semester, your vehicles will know the way to and from your place and A&M. I will tell you if you don't already know to watch them Smokies on Hwy 21. Especially at Cooks Point (spot on the map on Hwy 21 between Caldwell and Bryan) which is a favorite hang out for DPS and Burleson County deputies. The speed limit drops from 70 to 60 with not much warning. It's only at 60 for about a mile, maybe less and a lot of people just shrug it off. They are usually sorry. My thing is that at these gas prices, who can afford speeding tickets?

    : )


    Yes, I do know what you mean. I admire the bloggers who post five or more times a week and at the same time wonder how they do it. Even if I had the time, I'm pretty sure I'd run out of stuff to say!

    I know you will agree with me when I say every single gray hair was worth it. But I do hope your family stress settles down quickly for all your sakes. Life is too short to be mired in drama.

    : )

  4. LOL, that last bit is pretty interesting! And traveling will suck all the get up and go right out of you for sure! ;D

  5. Hi, Julie! Your post today got me to missing my little granddaughter. They grow up so fast and when you live 160 miles away, it's hard to get enough huggin' and squeezin' and fat cheek kissin' no matter how long you visit!