Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to the Real World Tomorrow

Vacation is over after today, it's back to the grindstone tomorrow morning.  I accomplished most of what I hoped to over the past few days.  Several small indoor projects are complete, I got the raised bed weeded and the yard mowed today and ran the last of the errands for the week.  In retrospect, I've been pretty darn busy these three 'vacation' days.  Spending a mere eight hours at my desk job tomorrow might actually feel like a walk in the park by comparison.  That feeling may wear off after the first day though.  Good thing for me there are only two work days left this week and then it's a three-day holiday weekend. 

I added a couple of new sites to my blog roll recently.  There's Stephen at Standing Outside Looking In and BlueEyedBaby at I Wish On Shooting Stars who just happens to be Redneck's daughter.  For a young lady just out of high school, this girl has got a real good head on her shoulders.   These are all good folks, worth checking out.  We all tend to collect like-minded people on our blog rolls.  Maybe on some level, we're all seeking confirmation for our own views.  But new folks bring new perspectives even if they hold the same or similar opinions as our own.  I hope you'll check them out. 



  1. I think you hit the nail right on the head with that one. I never really thought of seeking confirmation for our own views was what I was doing. I often wondered why I have so many blogs that say the same thing I say. That one made me scratch my head a little. Thanks HossBoss.
    And thanks for the plug on the girls blog. Now you know why I brag so much. She is something right along with her sisters. God has blessed me more than I deserve with them girls.
    As far as Stephen goes, I have never met him but I think we were kin in a past life. I can't wait to meet up and talk with him in the future. Great guy.

  2. I can tell by your post and blogroll that we have similar interests . I'm a Follower now too.

  3. @Redneck ...
    Looking forward to our mini-blogmeet on the 12th. I drove by Boondock's yesterday on my way to take the grandsons back to their momma. The sign said they are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 9pm. I will get off at 3:30 on the 12th, so we should be at Boondock's by 5:15. Sound good?

    I looked up your blog because of the contest you're running but when I read a few of your older posts, I felt the same way. I'm always happy to find a new addition for my blogroll. Welcome aboard!