Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Worth Every Stitch

Keebler was a big hit with the granddaughter
so I guess maybe my first sewing project in 30 years came out okay! 

As you can see, they are already best of buds!

I was gone for four days and three nights and Yeoldfurt did an outstanding job of taking care of himself and the homestead.   He did a fine job today of spoiling me rotten too.  This was his regular day off and my last day of vacation and we took full advantage of the opportunity to spend time together. 

We went into the Big City to pick up a few things he needed for his shop and he treated me to both lunch and dinner.  Lunch was a sit down meal, but dinner tonight is a box of spicy fried chicken and dirty rice from Pop-eyes.  If you have never had Pop-eyes chicken, you will just have to trust me ...it's good!   

While we were in town, we got an estimate on painting my little car and were pleasantly surprised at the quote.  Looks like it's only going to cost a little over half what I thought it would, so my overtime money
will take care of painting the car and buy us that deep freeze we've been wanting. 
Ahh, life is good!


  1. A real cutie pie

    Right Truth

  2. Thanks, Stephen ...I know YOU know how granddaughter's can latch onto your heart!

    Thank you, Debbie ...we kinda think so too!

    Welcome, Penny. I don't believe we've met but I'm glad you came by and left a comment!

    I enjoyed making Keebler and am looking forward to my next sewing project. Grandkids are such a convenient excuse for so many fun things!

    : )

  3. I love Pop-eyes chicken!
    Great job on Keebler.

  4. Thanks, Kx59, it was a challenge but now I'm all into sewing again... this could be good. And I agree, Pop-eyes is some good stuff!