Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sobering Moments

I dropped my car off at the paint shop this afternoon and needed to kill two hours until Yeoldfurt got off work to come get me.  I walked across the street to a little antique shop and was thoroughly enjoying myself, just browsing the merchandise when my cell phone rang.  The caller ID said it was my friend, Anne, from Colorado.  She and I were neighbors when I lived in Colorado in the late 80's and early 90's.  She was a few years younger than me but it was one of those friendships that just happens in an instant.  Colorado is an hour behind Texas, timewise, so I was surprised to hear from her when it should have only be 4pm, her time.  But I'm always happy to hear from her, so I answered cheerfully and said, 'What are YOU up to ..playing hookie?' 

The voice on the other end wasn't my friend, Anne.  It was her husband, Craig.  I knew something was wrong.  He said, 'It's not who you think it is, I knew you would think it was Anne.'  He asked me where I was and if I was sitting down.  I sat in a big chair the store had for sale and held my breath.  He asked me if I was alone and I told him there were people around but I was at an antique store.  Then he told me that Anne was gone.  She passed away the night before. 

You hear people talk about having a brush with death and in that moment when they feel they are truly in mortal danger, they see 'their life pass before their eyes.'   When Craig told me she was gone, moments from our twenty year friendship passed through my mind.  We were in PTA together, we served on a community advisory council together, we took classes at Mesa State College together.  We took care of each other's kids, we cooked for each other's families when one of us had to be out of town for a few days.  Anne was energetic, goal-oriented and adventurous.  She was incredibly organized and knew how to motivate people. She was an amazing person and now she's gone.  She and Craig just celebrated their 30 year anniversary and now he's a widow.  They have three grown children, two that live close by and one that works for the State Department and is currently on assignment overseas.  I'm sure he'll be home to support his dad 

I'm not making much sense, even to post about something like this.  But it's what's on my mind so there it is.  I wonder if this incredibly wonderful person that was my friend knew how much she meant to me.  I wonder if I was as good a friend to her as she has been to me. 


  1. Oh ((HB)) I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing.

    I'm sitting here crying for you and with you. My Grandma passed away on the 19th of Sept., she had just turned 99 on the 16th.

    I asked myself the same questions, did she know I loved her and cared about her?

    I'm sure she did, just as I'm sure your friend knew you cared for her.

    I have no doubt that you were as good a friend to her as she was to you, because you are a kind, caring person.

    Again, I am sorry.

  2. I know your heart is breaking over the loss of your friend. My prayers are with you and her family. The blessing in all of this is having such a special friend and the memories you have to help ease the pain just a tad. Hugs,

  3. HB...your friend knew how much you cared for her. The writings in your blog shows the love you have for your family and friends.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Anne's family.

  4. I'm truly sorry for your loss. God bless and keep you.

  5. My condolences to you and her family. Losing a good friend is sometimes rougher than losing family members because you got to choose each other.

  6. Thank you. Please just keep her husband and kids in your prayers. They are understandably distraught but have to buck up and take care of the arrangements and all the family that will be coming to pay their respects. Other than each other, no family lives very close to them so these next months will be hard. Hug your loved ones every chance you get. We never know how long we have in this world, so don't leave the important things unsaid.

    Thank you all for your prayers and all your kind words.

  7. HB I don't know what to say. I am very sorry. We will have her family in our prayers.

  8. Thanks, MDR. Prayers are the best thing any of us can do for them.

  9. That is so sad...I hope all will be well in time..mean while prayers, sending prayers for all.

  10. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. We never know how much (or how little) time we have left on this beautiful earth.

    It is so important to make every minute count.

    Right Truth

  11. My first visit with you and I am so sorry for your loss. Dear friends are such a blessing. I have one with whom I have been friends for about 54 years.

    Ann's family and you are in my prayers...

    Betty @ Country Charm

  12. Thank you, Julie...
    My friend's suffering is over and we will cope with her loss knowing she is safe in the Father's arms.

    You're so right, Debbie...
    Every day is a gift and what better way to thank the Giver than to enjoy each day to the fullest.

    Thank you, Small Farm Girl... I won't be able to make the memorial service but a mutual friend of ours up there is keeping me posted and we've shared many good memories in email the past few days. Anne left a happy mark on many lives.

    Welcome to my blog, Betty...
    Things are not usually this somber here, but life has a mind of it's own sometimes. I hope you will visit again.