Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Advice for the New Year

The past year has sped by.
Sometimes, we could barely keep up.

Now we need to be ready to face whatever lies ahead.

There are bound to risks and surprises.

But we must press onward and upward.

Always alert, always at the ready.

The Buddy System is still a good idea.

Charge over obstacles.

But keep your balance.

Ever cautious.

Face your Goliaths.

But remember to laugh often.

Stick together through thick and thin.

And most of all, take good care of each other.


  1. Awwwwww This one makes my heart smile!

  2. Aww...this was a very cute post. I loved it. :)


  3. Yeah..........well all that warm and fuzzy, touchy feely stuff is fine and dandy, but there is a decided lack of factual reference data to back it up. You sure of your facts there girly?? ;-)

  4. YeOldFurt, Sci, and Fel ...glad you all enjoyed it.

  5. AKA ...I'm glad you stopped by too. I'm pretty sure you're just razzing me about my lack of reference data but I can't have you thinking I'm bandying about unquantified information so I spent a good while 'making my case' so to speak for each caption. But after it was all typed and tweaked and ready, Blogger refused to publish it because it said I could not exceed 40,096 characters. Wow ...guess I got wordy!

    Not to be stymied by limits imposed by some cybertron, I moved my text from the comment box to a Word document. Onward and upward, right?! I will post it for you shortly.

    : )