Sunday, February 7, 2010

Class Act

If you are not familiar with Patrice Lewis' writing on Rural Revolution at blogspot dot com, you're missing out.   Recently she posted the following about George and Laura Bush on the subject of class (or the lack thereof).  Her post was great but one of the comments left was my inspiration for this post.  Please read her post and the comments by clicking on the link below, and then come back here and I'll explain.

Bet you never guessed it was thedancingmachine's comment that got me worked up, huh?  To all the diehard liberal Obama-supporters (defenders is a more appropriate description these days) out there, I would like to hear some specifics least one ...please?  What policies exactly did Bush set in place that made this inevitable?  Our military and security policies were much more stringent under Bush than they are under the current administration.  Worse than that, our current President has made us a laughing stock to the Muslim extremists of the world.  Do you think apologizing for past American policies buys us the respect of admiration of anyone ...let alone the Muslim countries of the world?  Do you think by suggesting we mirandize and try in civil court the Muslim terrorists from 911 that he is endearing us to the Muslim extremists? 

Fort Hood was a TRAGEDY.  It was a terrorist attack on our soil by a misguided, sick individual.  If Bush didn't sincerely care about the victims of that terrorist, he would not have made the trip.  He did so without regard to his personal security and without ambition for personal gain.  It was spontaneous and sincere.  Obama, on the other hand, was slow in coming and missed the mark.  Security is a given when you are the current president, but did he have to turn it into a photo op press release?  He turned a tragedy into a grandstanding affair for himself.  As an American, I respect the office he holds, but I am finding it more and more difficult to respect the man.  I see from Lloyd's comment that was left after mine that I am not alone in my opinion. 

Kudos to Patrice Lewis for bringing this article to us to begin with and for not censoring the comments for what this administration would deem political correctness.  She titled her post Classy vs Classless and I say it takes one to know one.  Rural Revolution is a class act I'm sure Ms Lewis' other writings are as well.


  1. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't Bush's biggest fan, but he wasn't the terrible President that the liberal left tries to make him out to be. And you can't, under any flight of imagination, claim that Bush didn't care about America or our military service men and women.
    I'm not sure I can say the same thing for Obama. So far, he seems to have done nothing but disrespect our military, disrespect our country, and disrespect any citizen who is not a liberal puppet.
    It kills me that Obama supporters give him even a shred of credit for the fact that we haven't had a Sept. 11th type incident since he's been in office. They seem to convienently forget the terrorist with the explosive underpants. Obama, although his supporters will try, cannot be given credit for the heroic actions of a fellow passenger and the stupidity of the terrorist when it came to rigging the bomb in the first place.
    But, try to get an explanation for that from them. It's enough to raise a person's blood pressure to stroke levels.

  2. Craftivist, I can't seem to post comments on your site. When I try, it gives me the scramble word, but nowhere to type it in. I do read your posts though!

    Bush disappointed me on some levels but he did a lot more good than bad in my eyes. The shootings at Fort Hood were not on the same scale as 911 ...but they were still an Islamic terrorist attack on American soil. So, yes ...we have had a terrorist attack since Obama took office. We would have had two such attacks if the 'panty bomber' had not been thwarted.

  3. I've been having difficulty with the comments on my site. I've had several just go missing, never to return, and others have told me that they can't post either. SO...I'll have to work on it I guess.

    I agree with you on Bush and Obama. I get frustrated I guess when you point out the obvious to certain people and it registers with them about as well as the concept of astrophysics registers with a brick wall. Oh well, what can ya do?

  4. An excellent post, You were very gracious to post the commentary with the contrarian point of view. I will bookmark you now that I know you exist!


  5. Thank you, Michael, and welcome to my blog.

    I knew about yours from reading Yeoldfurt's blog roll. I always enjoy your posts.