Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Cleanup

For some parts of the country, it might be jumping the gun, but spring comes early in central Texas.  The last weekend in February is coming up and I have daffodils blooming in the backyard and roses putting on new growth.  That's a sure sign that spring is around the corner.

Yeoldfurt and I had a pretty leisurely time this weekend ...a day at the gun show on Saturday and just a few essential chores like laundry the rest of the weekend.  Next weekend, however, we are going to tackle the garage.  It's a three car garage, so it's big enough that we can drag everything off to one side, then sweep it out and organize and purge as we put things back and get ready to tackle the other side.  Rain or shine, there will be no excuses.  Besides the garage, we plan to do the same for the patio too.  It's not a huge patio, but since it's under cover, stuff seems to accumulate there during the winter months.  Time to see what's what and give it a good sweep.

We decided to bite the bullet and buy our fruit trees this next week too.  We'll get two peach trees and two plum trees.  That means four holes to be dug.  We have a gray water outlet from the washing machine that Yeoldfurt thinks he will be able to redirect to water the newly planted fruit trees eventually too.  That's the way it is living in the country.  You get an idea for doing something and it invariably leads to more work.  That's okay, though.  We wouldn't trade our simple country lifestyle for the fanciest mansion in suburbia.

If we accomplish the garage cleanup and get the fruit trees planted next weekend, we'll be all set to start the real gardening in March.  Our raised beds have been fluffed and composted and are ready to be planted.  If we get a late frost or two, we have plenty of milk jugs stored to cover tender plants.  This is my favorite time of year and I can't wait to get started.


  1. It was really pretty today but the weatherman is threatening 48 by Wednesday. Not sure if I am thrilled about that. We went to BabiesRus and looked at all the cute baby stuff. We only have 7 weeks to go.

  2. Oh man, don't rub it in ;) I've been trying to will spring into coming here in ohio for the last 2 weeks. The powers that be are paying no attention to me though, we still have calf deep snow and high temps in the 30's.
    I'm like you though, Spring is my favorite time of year. I've already gotten my seeds and will be starting several of them inside in the next week or so.
    Good luck with the garage and the fruit trees. Life in the suburbs may be easier but it's not nearly as rewarding.

  3. It's going to get down to 15 here wed. I am ready for warm weather!! FK