Saturday, March 6, 2010


We finally got the garage cleaned out, swept out and purged of extraneous junk!  We moved everything outside on the driveway first to see what we had and what was worth keeping.  Then we swept the floor.  We ended up with a big box full of old hay, dry leaves that had blown in, and a whole bunch of plain old dust.  We even swept the walls and windows where cobwebs were accumulated.  Has anyone ever SEEN a cob?  I'm thinking they're spider webs and somebody just thought cobwebs sounded less creepy!  Anyway, they're gone now and it looks much better!

Before we moved stuff back, we sorted it according to it's function.  Everything to do with yard maintenance went in one area, chemicals and pesticides in another are, then horse equipment in another and so on.  When everything was sorted into categories, we looked at the available space to decide where each category would best fit to be both accessible and logical.

While sorting for function, we tossed anything that was not worth keeping in the back of the pickup parked on the driveway.  Three and a half hours after we started, we were finally finished.  We were dusty, dirty and just plain tuckered out.  But the pickup truck was full of junk ready to be hauled off, the items we had moved back into the garage were cleaned up and arranged in an organized fashion.  Amazing how much floor space we gained by this exercise! 

We don't have garbage service out here but there is a local collection station about four miles from our place.  For a mere $15/year, county residents can make as many trips as they want to drop off their garbage.  Household garbage goes in a special bin that has been fitted with a compactor and general junk (as in our case today) goes into a large metal roll-off bin.  Metal has to go in a separate pile, but other than that, there's not much sorting.  It's really a good deal.  What we hauled off today would have filled at least six or seven standard garbage cans and most residential trash services won't pick up that much at one time.  So we would have had to dole it out over several weeks.

Cleaning out that garage has been on the To Do List for a long time.  Even being tired and knowing I'll be a little sore tomorrow is worth it knowing it's finally done!


  1. Hope you didn't throw any 'good junk' out. LOL. My dad has had several auctions over the years, and at one of them, something wasn't even bringing a bid, so dad said, "Put it in the junk pile". The auctioneer said, "No junk pile today, it's 'miscellaneous merchandise!'

  2. Congrats at getting a big chore out of the way and being able to cross it off the "List"

  3. I hope you did not work the Furt to hard. I have been gardening the last couple of days. Got everything worked up and some lettuce radish and onions planted. FK

  4. No worries, Sharon ...when I say junk, I do mean junk. Scraps of wood or wire from previous projects too small to use, plastic crates that are now cracked at the corners and no good for storage, a few old (very old) nylon halters that had been broken and restitched several times... too small for any of the horses we have now. We salvage and repurpose all the time. This stuff was definitely junk.

    Yup, Sci if I could just mark off a few more before the mercury climbs to three digits this summer, we'll be in good shape!

  5. Hey, FK!

    I think I'm the one that got worked to hard. I'm sore and Furt is fine.

    We were going to seed the garden yesterday too, but there is a gully-washer (Texas Talk for hard, heavy rain) due tonight and tomorrow so we decided to put it off. We'll plant a section or two Wednesday and Thursday evening and plant the potatoes next Saturday.

    My lemon seeds aren't sprouting ...I'm not too hopeful for them at this point. : (

  6. A job well done. How about a post on planting taters, and growing them?

    See Ya.

  7. That's in the works, Tony. I grew spuds in western Colorado but want to successfully do so here in central Texas before I start giving advice on the subject. Cleaning the garage was a chore we were both dreading, but it's so nice to walk in there now and see the difference. Priceless.

  8. Congrats on getting it finished! I live for the day I can start a project and get it completed!!! And how wonderful it is that you're getting stuff planted. I got the greenhouse up, but it's been so cold and cruddy that I haven't done anything with it yet.

  9. I saw your greenhouse ...nice!

    I love spring time. The weather is perfect for working (and playing) outside. My housework sure suffers this time of year though. LOL

  10. good for you. yay! bet it feels so nice....

    it's on our *to-do* list as soon as our weather thaws out!

    big hugs...and maybe a shoulder rub for all that hard work?

  11. It is nice, Janean. Our garage doubles as our feed & hay storage for the horses right now, so we're in and out of there a couple of times a day. It's like I forget between feeding chores that we did all that work, so when I open the door, it's almost a surprise that things are so neat and organized. Hopefully, we can keep it that way.

    We're planting the garden today. That shoulder rub sure sounds NICE! : )