Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family, Friends and New Followers

Yesterday, we took a break and had a fun day with family and friends.  My sister and her granddughter came up for the weekend and went to Market Days with us in College Station.  Market Days is an annual event sponsored by one of the local horse clubs as a fundraiser.  It's sort of a big garage sale, but everything is horse-related.  Several local rescue groups were represented at yesterday's event too.  Yes, dogs and cats aren't the only animals to be neglected, abused and abandoned these days.  It's a lot more expensive to care for a horse than a dog or cat, so horse rescue groups are struggling to keep up as well. With the economy as bad as it is, that's likely to get worse before it gets better.  The other booths were mostly show attire ...for both horse and rider.  There were saddles and carriages and driving harness and artwork.  There was even a singing cowgirl yesterday.  I didn't get her name, but she drew a small crowd every time she broke out into song with one of the old western ballads.  My sister and niece talked to her for a bit and she delighted my niece by singing 'Don't Fence Me In' old western ditty our mom used to sing to us when we were little.

We had a booth next to a couple of our friends and spent most of the five hours we were there just enjoying each others company.  We took a couple of saddles to sell but ended up bringing them back home.  No big deal.  Saddles don't eat, so they can live with us another year or two and it won't make any difference.  It was a fun day.  Yeoldfurt treated us all to some barbecue so us women folk didn't even have kitchen duty when we got home.

The sister and niece are still asleep this morning.  I made a batch of iced cinnamon rolls and will cook up a mess of bacon and scrambled eggs in a few minutes.  If the smell of breakfast doesn't get them stirring, I'll have to go wake them.  They'll be heading back home this afternoon and I want to enjoy a few more hours with them before they leave. 

I don't post as often as I should or as often as I'd like, but it always makes me smile to see comments from my followers.  Like a neighbor stopping by just to say hello.  I've had a few new followers lately which is always nice too.  Like a chance meeting of a new person who shares common interests and ideals.  That's exactly how a lot of the sites I follow have been added to my blogroll.  They happen onto my blog and leave me a comment.  Then I go check out their blog and, sure enough, we seem like-minded so I decide to follow them.  I also found some of the blogs I follow by checking out the blog rolls of people I already follow.  Networking.  It's a wonderful way to expand your horizons.




  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. It's almost like I'm there.

  2. Thank you, Sharon...I enjoy reading your antics, er, I mean adventures too!

    The nice thing about the Internet is it connects people who otherwise would never know about each other. The sad part is, geography often dictates that the Internet is the only connection they will ever have. But new friends enrich our lives, so I'm grateful.

  3. I wish we could have made it down there this weekend. It sounds like my kind of thing, maybe next year. Have a great week.

  4. We had a wonderful time with you two this weekend. We always do! Thank you for your many extra efforts that make everyone feel so comfortable and welcome, Sis.

    I love you both so much...can't wait until the next time!

  5. @Redneck
    Maybe next year. Just let me know ahead of time if you decide to come so we can meet up.

    Thanks for making the trip up for the weekend. I can always count on you to come see us!