Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The First Day

Yeoldfurt started his new job today.  He's working second shift for a couple of weeks so I'll surely be asleep by the time he gets home, and I'll be headed out the door for my job before he's likely to wake up in the morning.  But I'll be anxious to hear about his first day when I get home tomorrow evening.  Even though today was his first day, he's off tomorrow and possibly Thursday so it will give us both a chance to figure out a pattern with this new schedule. 

I had a couple of errands to run after work and got home at 5:30 this evening.  It was still 100+ degrees outside and I was more than happy to spend the first two hours of my evening with inside chores.   I caught up on some housework and folded the two loads of laundry that Yeoldfurt washed while I was at work today.  Looks like making another batch of laundry soap is on the agenda for this weekend.  We have enough left in the jugs for just one or two more loads.

I waited until 8:00pm to start the outside chores, hoping the temperature had dropped.  Wishful thinking.  There was a breeze, but it was a decidedly warm breeze ...kind of like standing on the wrong side of hot exhaust fan.   Still, things had to get done. 

The chickens usually follow us down the hill to the coop at night, eager for whatever treats we might have or maybe just ready for their roosts.  But tonight, they were not listening to me.  One hen came with me and the other two acted like they didn't even see me.  I finally found stick and went back up the hill to herd them down.  Hens are not particularly fond of being herded, but they are even less fond of letting you reach out and touch them from behind.  Like unruly children that want to test their limits, as soon as they saw I was armed and coming to them, they suddenly remembered they were supposed to be going to roost when I called. 

After the chickens, it was time to feed the furries.  Officially, we own two barn cats and one dog.  But there is a big white stray tomcat that's been hanging around for months.  He keeps his distance and as long as he doesn't pick a fight with our cats, we don't mind him hanging around.  Lately he's been a little more bold, staying at the edge of the garage by the door when we go in there to feed at night.  Tonight, he was laying in the middle of the garage door and hissed at me when I came in.  I ignored him and poured out a little food on the counter for our two cats.  I took a small handful and set it down about three feet from where the tomcat was laying too.  He moved away a few feet when I approached but didn't hiss.  When I set the food down, I just turned and went on about my business ...feeding the dog and gathering the horse feed.  By the time I got back from feeding the horses, the tomcat had left but the food I laid down for him was gone.  He looks hungry and it's hot.  I know he scavenges but I don't mind giving him an easy meal once in a while.  As long as he doesn't try to hurt our cats or the dog, he is welcome.  Yeoldfurt dubbed him Sam.  Short for Samuel Clements. 

While the horses were eating, I watered the chard, refilled the chicken waterer and horse trough and was done with all the outside chores in about half an hour.  Before I went out, I set the thermostat down a few degrees to our sleeping temperature.  We keep it on 78 during the day and 74 at night.  It was sure nice to step into that cooler temp when I got finished my chores. 

There's a 50 percent chance of rain tonight and a definite cooling trend for the next few days.  After the triple digit weather we've been having, a high of only 95 tomorrow sounds wonderful!  The forecast calls for a high in the mid-80's for several days next week too.  I sure hope it holds true. 


  1. I agree with an earlier post--you describe things so well, I feel like I'm there! Hope things go well today for YOF and you enjoy your evening.

  2. It gets to be hot enough in MS that I try to only work the horses in the morning or evening. Hang in there though falls a coming!