Monday, September 6, 2010

My Labor Day

I was off today and Yeoldfurt was not, so I just hung out with the critters.  First things first, I had a saddle date with my horse.  Possibly more fun for me than for her, though she likes the attention.  But for her, it's really all about the treats she knows are coming AFTER the ride.

"Enough with the camera already ...go get my cookies!"

I couldn't play the whole day, so after my ride, I got cleaned up and went into town to look for bargains.  I found a few at the dollar store and a few more at Wally World.  It was a worthwhile run.  The only thing I came home with that was NOT on the prep list was this cute bib for $2 at the dollar store.  

My new little granddaughter is due any day.  This will be her first Halloween and might be the only Halloween that she's young enough for a bib this small I just couldn't resist.  It's a grandma thing!  

Realizing that in some circles shopping falls under the category of play rather than work, I decided to do some yard clean up after I got home.  We lost several big trees in the drought last year.  This one is in the backyard and is slowly shedding it's bark and smaller limbs.  I'm hoping when it finally comes down, it at least misses the house.   
I've been trying to help it along by pulling the lower branches down, using the thicker ones to whack the ones I can't reach to encourage them to come on down.  It's worked but now I can't reach any more.   So Mother Nature or Yeoldfurt's chainsaw will have to finish the job.

I did gather a good wheelbarrow load for the burn pile though.

These tall pine trees along the driveway succumbed to the drought too.  There are ten of them altogether, probably 60 to 70 feet tall and dead as doornails. 
The power company is making it's rounds over the next couple of weeks to trim trees that threaten the powerlines.  We are hoping to convince them to at least top these trees.  If they fall, they will take out the powerline ...and the fence ...and possibly the garage or a vehicle.  *sigh

People always say cats are curious but I'm tellin' you, I can't go anywhere without these little feather butts underfoot. 
Left to right, they are Reba, Red and Dora.  As you can see, one of them seems a little distracted.  That's Dora the Explorer, always looking for the next adventure.

 Reba and Red are seldom distracted by adventure.  
They are more interested in food, usually each other's. 

While I was out, I did a walk around of the house and rescued these poor bulbs.  They were laying on top of the dirt, unearthed no doubt by the hens who are always in search of crawly things to eat. 
I know from the years we lived here before we had hens, that these bulbs will produce beautiful flowers in the spring.  So I rescued them, will keep them safe until late fall and then replant them in such a way they will be safe from the hens.  

I tried talking to the hensitter but she says her job description only says to keep the hens safe.  
She does that.

She insists that if I also expect her to control them, we need to renegotiate her contract. 

After all the chores were done and the animals bedded down, I took this picture of the western sky.  This is the view from our patio where Yeoldfurt and I like to spend a few minutes at the end of the day.  
What better way to wrap up a great day than to spend a few minutes appreciating a gorgeous sunset?  The only thing that would have made this day better would be if Yeoldfurt had been home to enjoy it with me.


  1. "No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle" - Sir Winston Churchill.

    Looks like a perfectly fine way to spend a holiday.

  2. Amen to that.

    Just wish Yeoldfurt didn't have to work so he could be in the saddle too.

    His own saddle, of course. He rides a buckskin also. He's off this weekend and the weather should be good. We're hoping...

    : )

  3. "He rides a buckskin also".

    I suspected he was a good man. That confirms it :)


  4. Ah, thanks, I kinda think he's worth keeping!

    His buckskin is half-mustang out of his paint mare. The paint mare is a breeding stock (solid) paint out of his QH mare. He's owned the QH mare for 25 of her 27 years the buckskin mare is third generation. The QH mare and her naughty daughter got loose in NM in early 1999 when a fence went down in a flash flood. When he found them, they were running with some mustangs that had a buckskin stallion among them. NEVER occurred to us either one was bred. But the next spring, we started noticing the Paint mare was filling out. Late June she dropped a gorgeous buckskin filly. That's our Lucy... equine version of Dennis the Menace. LOL

    Check out my post from last Sept for a picture ...Lucy is about halfway down in the pictures, the only buckskin.

    And for a glimpse of her personality, check out this post from July of 2009

  5. She's a beautiful mare. And that's quite a predicament she got herself into. Glad it turned out well.

  6. Well, you put me to shame...I need to be doing limb cleanup around our house! Hope you can convince the power company to top those trees, one icy storm and you'd most likely be without power. How I love your little red hens, plain old jealous! Your evening view of the western sky is beautiful...have a great weekend!

  7. @Buckskins Rule
    Thanks, she's a butterball, but she's cute. Everybody who meets her wants to take her home. LOL

    Look for an update on the trees in the next few days. Lots of progress there, lots more to be done. We got a few hens thinking we would just have fresh eggs, but we have three steady customers now and the hens are having a hard time keeping up some weeks. So next spring, we will probably get a couple more. Who knew chickens had individual personalities? But they really do. They can be quite entertaining!

  8. Thanks for your visit to my blog. And congratulations on the new baby! Five lbs. oh my so tiny! We have a grand daughter named McKayla too! Enjoy your stay with them, I love that time too! :D

  9. Hi HB, I don't know how I missed this post. :(

    What beautiful pictures, the sunset is gorgeous.

    Congratulations on your new granddaughter, that bib is cute!!