Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Devious Deeds

These two hooved hoodlums were caught trespassing in the backyard, having wantonly vandalized and destroyed a section of fence.  Full story this evening.   I have to go to work now pay for the repairs to the fence. 


  1. The one on top even looks guilty...he/she has veerry shifty eyes. :)

  2. Thanks, Lady. The good Lord made them pretty so I wouldn't be tempted to strangle them when they pull (expensive) stunts like the fence caper! LOL

  3. Yeoldfurt is the only 'he' that lives here, Craftivist. Six horses, three hens, a dog and three cats ...all female.

    The one on top is the youngster in the herd. She's five and thinks everything is a game and she wants to play. The one on the bottom is Lucy. At twice Lyric's age, she is just as playful and adventurous. If things are too boring for too long, she figures out a way to liven them up!