Friday, February 18, 2011


It's finally Friday, oh happy day! I ended up missing three days of work last week due to the nasty flu bug. I went back to work this past Monday, but have been dragging all week. You know how when you know you're going on vacation, you can kind of prep your desk at work for your impending absence, so the fallout won't be quite as bad when you come back? Well, nasty flu bug gave me NO WARNING and my desk was already severely backlogged. So when I showed up at 7:00am this past Monday, one of my co-workers asked me if I brought a shovel. My desk was that deep.

I made a dent this week, but it would take me at least another week to just get the backlog down to where it was before I got sick. I'm not going to get that opportunity though because the office is closed next Monday for President's Day.  My work load (applications for child support services through the Attorney General's Office) roll in around the clock.  Some people submit paper applications, either in person or by mail.  But applications can be submitted online too.  So the work just piles up.  Next week I will have only four days to accomplish five days worth of work and try to whittle down the backlog.  The following week, I have to go out of town for training for three days, so I'll only have two days to accomplish any actual work.  Anyone who thinks 'government jobs' are cakewalks ought to try one sometime.  That sure hasn't been my experience!

But now it's Friday and I'm not going to think about my desk or my backlog for three days.  Tomorrow is Yeoldfurt's birthday and we're going to celebrate.  He found a demonstration on blacksmithing he wants to check out and while we're in town, I'll take him someplace nice to eat.  We may even do a movie.  Netflix is a great deal but every once in a while, it's nice to go on a movie date.  Whatever Yeoldfurt wants to do tomorrow, we'll do.  It's his day.  


  1. Happy Birthday! and Happy Weekend! We all deserve it!!

  2. I am glad to see you back with the living.
    I hope yall have a good birthday day tomorrow.