Friday, February 4, 2011

How It Really Was

Last night when Yeoldfurt came home from work, he was met at the door by a very bedraggled unhappy wife.  We had been three full days without 'indoor plumbing.'  I have been known to primitive camp for a long weekend from time to time and I have roughed it out of circumstance and necessity in a house with no lights or electricity for as much as a week a few times.  But when I was camping and roughing it, I wasn't also trying to pull off a 'professional' appearance at an office job every day.  This past week was tough.  I am no barbie doll that has to have all the frills and froo-froo every day ...but that doesn't mean I have no standards for cleanliness.  By the time Yeoldfurt got home from work last night, I was not clean, my floors were not clean, my counters were not clean, the laundry was piling up and I just had a melt down.

Yeoldfurt, being the gentlemanly knight that he is, let me blow off my steam and 'wring out my rag' as my sister calls it and then promised me it would get better.  Today, he made good on that promise.  It was still bitter cold but he was outside with my hair dryer first thing this morning, trying to thaw out the water line feeding the house.  

It took quite a while but he finally got a drip going.  It was slow at first, intermittent at times, but it was progress and I was happy.  We left the spigot open and went in the house to warm up. 

We opened the taps in the house too so air could work its way out of the lines.  Thirty minutes later, we had water.  It was wonderful! 

When Yeoldfurt mentioned in his first post this morning about HB not being happy ...he was understating the facts out of kindness to me.  When he made light of his day's accomplishments in his last post this evening ('another dragon bites the dust'), he was just being humble.  Ain't he sweet? 


  1. I'm glad to hear you got your water running again. I know from experience that "keeping up appearances" with no running water is one tough job! Knowing you, I bet you have spent the better part of the weekend "catching up" on things. Don't forget to include a bit of downtime for yourself.

  2. Thanks, I must say I am glad that little adventure is over! My 'down time' was that LONG HOT SHOWER last night and even catching up on the laundry and cleaning has felt like a treat. I am about halfway done for the day. I would be finished but I took two hours out for a nap ...I think I was stress weary. LOL

    When Yeoldfurt gets in from work tonight, he will have clean floors, clean laundry, freshly scrubbed bathrooms and ...possibly most importantly ...a CHEERFUL wife.

    : )