Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Date Night

Celebrating the fact that I finally finished my overtime, Yeoldfurt and I had a dinner date in the big city today.  He's off on Tuesdays but had an errand in town this afternoon, so he hung around until I got off work and we had a long overdue date. 

A good friend of mine owns a used bookstore about a mile from my office, so we met at her store when I got off work.  I used to stop by my friend's store once a week for an hour or so but we haven't been able to do that since May because of the overtime.  So while she and I sat at the table and caught each other up on all the news and solved all the world's problems, Yeoldfurt meandered around the shelves looking for new reading material.  He's a voracious reader.  If he wasn't so willing to read used paperbacks, I'm not sure I could afford to keep him in books!   My friend and I ran out of things to tell each other after a couple of hours, so we paid for Yeoldfurt's books and went a few miles up the road to The Cracker Barrel. 

I love the Cracker Barrel.  It's like the restaurant version of a chick flick.  There's home-style cooking with everything from manly meat and potato dishes to dainty quiches, an assortment of breads and rolls served gratis with every entree and a great dessert menu.  Before and after you eat, you get to wander through a country style mercantile that offers everything from old fashioned candies to beautiful handmade crafts items.  It's good food and great shopping all under one roof ...and mama didn't have to cook tonight.  Now that's what I'M talkin' about! 

Besides splurging on dinner out, it was nice just to spend time with Yeoldfurt when we could both relax.  We spend so much of our at home time working on one project or another or running errands these days.  With his work schedule and my overtime hours for the past two months, we haven't had very much quality time together.  Yup, this was my idea of a great date night.   


  1. Hi, sounds like a fun date night. I love date nights too and Cracker Barrel, it's always very good and I ;love to shop around after too. :D

  2. Every time my Sweet Wife mentions Cracker Barrel I moan...the prices in their gift shop are scary. And, unlike your Cracker Barrel ours doesn't offer bread gratis.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to end the day, HB.

    I have never eaten at a Cracker Barrel, there are none out here in California. They sound good though, I've seen them mentioned on other blogs too. I think I am missing out. :(

    Have a good day,

  4. Julie, every time I go to Cracker Barrel, I think 'I should come here just to shop sometime!' They can be pricey on some things but they have amazing sale prices on some really unique items.

    Stephen, I bet you have favorite places that would make your wife moan ...Gander Mountain maybe? Cabela's? LOL But to ease your pain, here is a link to some coupons for Cracker Barrel!

    Fel, looks like Arizona is going to be your closest opportunity for the Cracker Barrel experience. Here's a link to their locations nationwide.

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  6. Yikes ...I was SPAMMED! Some people have WAY too much time on their hands!

  7. awe... sounds like a wonderful Date Night. Its so important for couples to continue to make time for date nights...good for you!
    ps... I too love Cracker Barrel... their Chicken N Dumpings...Hello? can you say YUM!

  8. Oh yes, the Chicken n Dumplings is good ...it's all good at Cracker Barrel!

    We don't eat out often and we're not extravagant when we do, but I think it's important to enjoy a mutual treat once in a while. Thanks for the visit, Janis.

    : )