Monday, August 1, 2011

The True Blessings in Life

Sometimes the child that remains in all of us wants to look around at what we have and where we live and what we're able to do based on our finances, and then use those things to measure whether or not we feel blessed.  But the older I get and the more 'stuff' I manage to accumulate, the more I realize things don't matter nearly as much as the people God puts in our lives.  Sometimes they are our friends, sometimes they are our relatives but people are the true blessings in life. 

Granted, everyone you meet and everyone you happen to be related to won't exactly make your life more enjoyable.  At times it's a test of patience just to remain civil to some of these folks.  But every once in a while someone comes into your life, and you just can't help but count them a blessing.  No, I'm not talking about Yeoldfurt this time, although he is my best friend and an enormous blessing to me.  But in this case, I'm talking about my son-in-law, Marc.

He is a very gifted musician who recognizes the true source of his gift and, in turn, uses it in the ministry at their church.  He is extremely intelligent but very quiet most of the time and totally unassuming.  Then when you least expect it, he says something outlandishly witty.   Marc is very protective of his own.  He is a caretaker by nature which is a wonderful trait in a husband and father.  But he also has a keen sense of humor and a flair for adventure and spontaneity ...a fabulous combination of traits in a soul mate.

Marc is a blessing to my daughter and granddaughter as a husband and father and, in turn, he is a blessing to Yeoldfurt and me who want nothing more than to see them happy and thriving as a family

Today is Marc's 30th birthday ...
the 'BIG THREE OH' as the younger set says ...
as if 30 is a big number.

please know that you are a blessing to this family ...
we love you!

Pictures from the beach vacation they took last month in celebration of their third wedding anniversary.

Daddy and Bella... not sure who has who
wrapped tighter around the other's finger.

Mommy and Bella ...
shopping, shopping, shopping!

Bella, just chillin' on the sand.


  1. How sweet... I can only hope that one day, God will Bless my daughters with a husband that we feel the same for. How comforting it must be to know she married a good man.
    30 huh? Yeah... I remember when that seemed like such a big number. Gosh... my oldest will be THERE in eight years!
    Hoping Marc had a wonderful 30th. He is Blessed to have a family that loves him so♥

  2. I think the Boers had it right in 1900. They said "Trust in God and the Mauser."

    Your son in law looks like a nice guy.

  3. That was beautiful HB.

    I too can only hope that one day my daughter finds such a man. Your daughter is a lucky lady as are you. You both have both found yourself some wonderful loving, caring men to spend your lives with.

    I just have to add here, Oh my goodness what a beautiful grand-daughter you have. She's a doll.

    Happy 30th Birthday to Marc.


  4. Thanks, Janis, I think he had a pretty good birthday. Thirty is scary when it's looming in front of you, but then you wake up the next day in pretty much the same world and realize ...hey, this isn't so bad!

    : )

  5. I agree, Arsenius ...wise words from the Boers. My son-in-law is truly a nice guy, what every mother hopes for her daughter.

  6. Aw, thanks, Fel ...I hope B finds her soul mate too. She's smart and beautiful, it's a pretty sure bet she will.

    I don't think we really t comprehend the depth of love we can have for another human being until we have a child ...when along comes a grandchild and that love is refined to whole new dimension. You'll see...

    : )

  7. Well there just isn't anything else to say to that except AWWWWWWWW!