Friday, April 29, 2011

Camping Has Been Fun

But I'm ready to move back into the bedroom.  We've been sleeping in the living room for the past week while I painted our bedroom and bathroom.  It only took me three days to do the painting which was actually one day less than I expected.  What has taken a lot longer than I expected is putting-it-all-back-together.  It's a good thing I took Thursday and Friday off from work last week.  I needed those two days plus Saturday just to get all the painting done.  Thankfully, I had some help on the weekend because my sister drove up from Houston.  By the time she went home Sunday night, all that was left was to mount a couple of shelves in the bathroom and install the hardware for two wall hangings in the bedroom.  But since I had to go back to work Monday morning, progress on the clean up and final touches has been much slower.

Everything turned out really nice.  Nothing like fresh paint and new window coverings to freshen up a room.  The color on the walls in that room when we bought this house was sort of a 'mongrel' shade of green if several partial buckets of leftover paint were mixed and then slapped on the walls.  Nearly all the windows had the old metal venetian blinds in them.  Not the contemporary plantation shutters ...old, ugly, impossible-to-keep-clean venetian blinds.  Ugh!  This house was built in 1985 by a retired couple that moved up here from Houston.  I'm pretty sure those blinds have been on the windows since this place was built.  Repainting that room has been a project we've both been anxious to do since we moved here almost five years ago.  I don't want to tackle another while, but it was worth all the hard work and inconvenience. 

Yeoldfurt has been a such good sport through all this.  He helped me drag our mattress out to the living room and has cheerfully dealt with the inconvenience of having most of the house disheveled for a whole week now.  But tomorrow is a day off for both of us and can drag the mattress back into the bedroom in the morning.   Then Yeoldfurt can concentrate on his own list of projects, like snake-proofing the chicken coop and building new nesting boxes for the hens.  While he's busy outside, I'll get the shelves hung in the bathroom and finish straightening up the bedroom.  If I finish before he's back in the house, there's plenty of housework to catch up on around here and I'm actually looking forward to doing it.


  1. Painting is right up there on the list of things I really, really hate to do. The only thing that tops it would be taping and bedding sheet rock.
    Congrats you got it done.

  2. Thanks, Redneck ...we're glad it's done too.

    Yup, there are two sure fire ways to find out who your (real) friends are ...ask for help MOVING or PAINTING!

    : )