Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

These are the four newest members of the flock.  
Yes, there are really four of them.  
One is being shy and hiding behind the others.  

We currently have three Rhode Island Reds that we bought in the spring of 2009.  Their first eighteen months of production was great.  They barely even slacked off during winter, producing 18 to 20 eggs every week.  But for the past three or four months, we've been lucky to get 12 eggs in a week.  

So we decided to try a different breed this time and bought these four Barred Plymouth Rock chicks.  They are a dual purpose breed and have an excellent reputation for producing large brown eggs.  
The chicks are staying cozy in the brood box in the garage for the next several weeks, 
until they feather out and the nights get warmer.

In the meantime down at the coop, the rumor is slowly spreading that there are some new chicks in town.
So far, none of the incumbents seem to feel threatened least they're not letting on if they are.
Do they look worried to you? 


If hens can be cocky, these three surely qualify.  
As far as they're concerned, the good life they're enjoying will go on forever. 

Gee, that sounds like most of the politicians 
we have these days!


  1. chicks are so-so cute. :)

    The one in the front closest to the wire, she appears to have a broader breast that the others; maybe her name should be Dolly. ;)

    You're right, Reba, Red & Dora do not seem the least bit worried. :)

    Good luck with the new additions and thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Dolly, it is then, Fel ...unless that broad chest turns out to be because 'she' is a he! Then maybe we should call him Lou in the actor that played the Incredible Hulk! LOL

    When the new chicks get their feathers, we'll move them to the coop but put them in the private suite ...formerly the Rooster Room. Reba, Red and Dora have only heard rumors so far. Once they can SEE the new chicks, maybe they'll start taking things a bit more seriously. Let's hope!

  3. Chicks are so cute, but that cuteness wears off quick. Ours are 12 days old now( not totally feathered, but we'll run two heat lamps for them) and moving out to the brooder house. Amazing how such sweet fuzzy little creatures can smell so bad, LOL!!!!

    Enjoy those babies before they smell and dustify( if there is such a word*wink*) up your house.

  4. Kelle, thanks for the visit. If 'dustify' is not a word, it sure ought to be! My house gets dustified daily just from living out in the country. I de-dustify weekly ...AND just before company arrives if I know they're coming. LOL

    Our brood box is out in the garage so my house is not affected. The box has a metal tray underneath that can be removed from either the front of the back and cleaned. I line it with newspapers and change them weekly. I have to keep a litter box in the garage these days because one of our outside cats is OLD and slow and has decided it's too scary to go outside to potty. Ugh I have a litter box in there for her. I was cleaning it the other day and wondered about putting cheap cat litter on top of the newspapers in the brood box tray. It's just clay litter and the chicks can't get to it so I don't think it would hurt them. I think we have warmer weather than you do too ...our chicks should be in the outside coop by mid-May.