Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Animals that Own Us

We have a lot of critters here and all of them live outside except one 13 year old cat named Lacey.  She was a rescue from the animal shelter back in 1997.  She was about three weeks old, scrawny and scared of her own shadow.  I gave her a home and she gave me her undying devotion ...and a bad case of ringworm.  Ugh!  Once the ringworm was cleared up ...hers and mine ...she thrived and grew into a really pretty cat. 

She has maintained her infatuation with me all these years.  She keeps a low profile while I'm at work, but the minute I get home, she gets vocal.  I don't know what she's saying but she keeps it up until I finally give her some attention.  When I retire for the evening, she follows me to the bedroom and expects me to give her more attention until Yeoldfurt comes to bed.  When he comes into the room, she grudgingly moves over to one of the dressers.  But when I get up in the morning, there she is  ...waiting for yet more attention.  She never seems to get enough.  I'm even downright mischievous with her from time to time.  She might run off for a minute, but she always comes right back.  Any attention from me is good attention as far as she is concerned. 

Lacey's favorite perch when my lap is not available is the window above the kitchen sink.  It's one of those greenhouse windows that extends out from the house about a foot and has a shelf for plants about midway up the window.  Lacey loves to nap in the bottom of the window.  She can watch the world go by but she knows nothing can get her.  She loves it. 

Today I was outside taking some pictures and noticed Lacey in the window on my way back to the house.  I stopped to take a picture of her.  She just opened her eyes and blinked at me.  I took three more pictures of her before I turned the camera off because you can't really tell if a shot is good until after you download it least I can't.   So I wanted to take several.  By the time I quit, Lacey was starting to look annoyed. 

We currently own six horses, three cats, three hens and a dog ...or do they own us?


  1. Your animals will train you to be good parents. How much land do they have?

    See Ya

  2. Animals can teach us a lot if we let them.

    The horses have an 8 acre pasture with trees and a pond. There is also a 1 acre paddock in front of the house. At night we keep them in 'sacrifice area' grass there, but they always have a round bale to keep them occupied. The outside cats come and go as they please, but they always show up for handouts in the morning and evening. The dog and chickens have free run of the yard ...about an acre that surrounds the house. We're very blessed!